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Why marine microalgae biotechnology?

We are changing the food, feed, health and well-being paradigms through marine microalgae and with certainty that great changes can start microscopically.
From the sea, towards a more sustainable world.

The basis of the food chain

Microalgae are unicellular microorganisms that inhabit either marine or fresh water environments. They are the main component of phytoplankton, the basis of the food chain.

Microalgae are one of the oldest living organisms on the planet

They are one the oldest living organisms on the planet, and have been around for billions of years.

Microalgae are a perfect photosynthetic machine

Just like trees in their photosynthesis process, microalgae produce about 50% of the oxygen we need to breathe and the planet needs to live.

Microalgae play a main role in the environment. They consume CO2 and have the ability to clean non-potable waters. They are also known for having the ability to grow on non-arable land, with minimal water requirements.

Perfect and versatile

Microalgae need very little to multiply.


Microalgae have been designated as a superfood due to its nutritional power.

MARINE MICROALGAE can be applied to endless settings

  • Air decontamination by CO2 elimination
  • Food and Feed
  • Cosmetics, Nutraceuticals & Pharmaceuticals
  • Bioenergy production
  • Cleaning waters

A micro ingredient with macro benefits

  • Stimulation of the immune system
  • Antioxidant properties
  • Antimicrobial power
  • Potential prevention of tumor diseases
  • Rich in Omega3, with proven benefits associated to the Prevention of heart disease
  • Rich in Lutein, that support visual and brain function
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