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We have a highly qualified team that includes professionals from different areas such as biology, chemistry, biochemistry, engineering and pharmaceutical, amongst others, which allows us to find thorough solutions to develop high added value products.


We are a multidisciplinary dedicated team integrating professionals from areas such as biology, chemistry, biochemistry, pharmaceutical science, environment, quality, food and management.


The Porto Santo production unit, in partnership with Electricity Company of Madeira (EEM), is one of Europe’s largest closed-system biotechnology production sites located in an island in the North Atlantic, where temperature variations are minimal and sea water is more pure and wild. It features:

  • 1100 cubic meters;
  • 2870 closed photobioreactors 8 meters high;
  • Air-lift system · Average annual prodution: 60t of dry biomass;
  • Optimized sequential arrangement for capturing sunlight;
  • Partnership with Electricity Company of Madeira (EEM);
  • Proprietary production technology;


Internacionalizar 2020 – pdf

Funcionamento 2020 – pdf


A research and development pilot plant in the industrial center of Lorquí.

  • Technologies showroom and facilities for R&D projects;
  • Use of environmentally friendly technologies for sanitation and facility maintenance (O3, UV, etc.);
  • Development of products with microalgae for food and feed and product conservation strategies;
  • Development of biomass hydrothermal liquefaction systems for obtaining biofuels and fossil oil derivates through biorefinery strategies.


We are proud to announce that “Buggypower Portugal” was distinguished with “PME Excelência 2016”.
Congratulations to everyone at Buggypower – for working every day to make this company the success and example that it is


Our spirit of cooperation

Buggypower is already presented as a reference of the circular economy model by the European Commission in various contexts. Some ongoing international projects are based on our expertise and patented processes.

Our spirit of cooperation has led us to ongoing collaborations with national and international reference entities.

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